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Has your commercial property been damaged or shut down by a disaster?  Let us maximize your settlement to cover all your losses and we will navigate the complex commercial insurance claims processes. 
Maximize Your Insurance Settlement & Get The Money You Deserve!
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"We were denied twice by our insurance company.  Taylor got involved and got the claim paid in-full in less than 60 days!  I highly recommend them."
Marcee F.
Condo Association in Denver, CO
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Hail & Wind, Fire, Roof Damage, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, and More!

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3 Recent Case Studies
Client: 10-Story Hotel
Damage: Hail & Wind

Case Study: The insured had received approximately $180,000 before we got involved.  We found a significant amount of damage that was not even recognized or accounted for by the insurance carrier (scope and dollar amount). It took us 4 full days to investigate and document all of the damage at the hotel.  The insurance carrier only took ½ a day to do their documenting - this makes a big difference!  We also met our experts at the property which took 11 trips total.  Our experts included meteorologists, engineers, moisture experts, and more.  The end result is the hotel owner received $1,900,000 after we were done. Over 10x the original amt!

Client: Condo Association
Damage: Hail & Wind

Case Study: The hail & wind damage was denied twice by the insurance company.  After DA Lamont was hired, we requested an engineer from the insurance company for the benefit of our client.  The engineer agreed with DA Lamont that the whole roof needed replaced plus the ancillary damage to the brick, edge cap, awnings, gutters, and windows. Even though the claim was denied twice, DA Lamont was able to negotiate an amazing  settlement within 60 days which covered the cost of all the losses that the property sustained.  The client is happy knowing their commercial property will be back to pre-loss condition.

Client: School District
Damage: Hail & Wind

Case Study: The Amarillo School District had a terrible storm rip through the city and damage over 45 campuses within their school district and the insurance company didn't want to pay what was owed. We were able to get involved on a consultant basis and were able to help them obtain $9,500,000.  They officially hired as their public adjuster and through our massive efforts and thousands of hours of documentation and the use of our experts we can proudly say the claim is now above $42,000,000 and we're working to get them the money they truly deserve.  This claim, in our estimation, will be more than $50,000,000 when fully and completely paid.

A Few Of The Other Clients That Have Trusted Us To Help Them:
Maximize Your Insurance Settlement & Get The Money You Deserve!
Call Today: 303-219-1991  Or  970-628-9007
*747% Is Based On A Government Study Of 75,000 Insurance Claims Which Compared The Claims That Had Public Adjusters Versus Claims That Did Not Have A Public Adjuster To Represent The Insured. The government study found that being represented by a public adjuster is an advantage to the insured. Some restrictions apply.

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